What Do Recruiters Look For From Candidates?

What Do Recruiters Look For From Candidates?

We all need someone who has our best interests at heart. Working with a recruiter is going to help you get the job you want.

What do recruiters look for from candidates at the early stages of the whole process? What matters the most to a recruiter when representing what you want and where your aspirations lie?

Let’s share some insights from the team that can give you a head start on what they are looking for from candidates.

Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant, highlights the ability to represent yourself well. “Someone who knows what they want, are assertive and responsive does go a long way. The reason this helps a recruiter is so they can share with potential employers your character and experience. It also helps with putting to the side the possible jobs that you may not be interested in.”

Lucy Eaton, Senior Recruitment Consultant recognises that being responsive is one of the key traits she looks for. “If I text a candidate that I’d need information back from them in 30 minutes, that does make the whole process efficient. We have many opportunities, it’s the promptness to respond that matters. It also comes down to having the right approach to being rewarded. For instance, a recent candidate took on a nightshift role and took advantage of the overtime and linked bonuses, and finding potential to earn a lot more. Their tenacity is being rewarded.”

Kimberley Best from the recruitment consultancy team, always looks to openess and honesty from candidates, “From my side, I want to build a relationship too, it’s how we help each other out. Sharing strengths and goals are important, but it’s also useful to share where you want to improve. Everyone is learning and adapting, no one is the finished article, we just need to be ourselves.”

Understanding how the whole recruitment process works is something that Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant sees as an approach that can go in a candidate's favour. “What this means is that candidates understand how everything works and they can see the progress. It means they recognise that a recruitment team is there to support them. For instance, a recent candidate interviewed well and was offered a new role in the space of a week, or so. They asked me, ‘why was this quick?’ The reason was that they were invested in the whole process. It is important to remember that finding your next job involves teamwork. This is from a new employer, the candidate and the consultant.”

Being yourself and knowing that flow happens when there is interaction, communication, honesty and responsiveness all help a recruiter to find the best fit for you, your experience, and your skills.