Why Saying ‘I’ll Do Anything’ Can Harm Your Job Search

Why Saying ‘I’ll Do Anything’ Can Harm Your Job Search

Whilst saying ‘I’ll do anything’ can be one of the easiest responses when talking to a recruitment team, appearing despondent, or even desperate, can work against you.

Yasmin Cottrell, key account manager, states what a recruiter wants to see, “It all comes down to fit. An employer wants to know you are going to be the best person for a particular job. When you are applying for every job available, this can be extremely hard and you lose focus. Saying that you will do anything can do damage, professionally and personally.”

Yasmin highlights some areas to make sure that you come across as the best person for a job, Yasmin says, “Personalise your CV so it is suited to a role you are targeting, always be organised and if you are seeing several recruitment agencies, manage your time. The last thing you want to be is confused with who you are seeing and what is scheduled for the day. The more disorganised you become, the tougher the whole process can get.”

As well as someone looking for a job, it can be tough for employers who are looking after the entire recruitment process themselves and seeing a mountain of CVs from people who may not necessarily be suited. Jordan Ball, TeamJobs Resourcer says, “Finding the right person is a challenge and when looking through an avalanche of CVs becomes time-consuming. A candidate sending multiple applications for a host of positions can work against someone.”

The phrase, ‘I’ll do anything’ is unsettling for everyone, you have to put some thought in calming down and then reframing. Yasmin suggests, “Be clear about the skills you can bring and how you can benefit a future employer. Is there something you can leverage on a contract basis?”

“It is also good to have a conversation with me and my team who can help with temp work. What happens is that the initial urgency starts to become slightly calmer.”

Job hunting can be stressful, many people want it to be over quickly, so that is highlighted in their initial actions. If you can face challenges with a sense of composure and also self-belief it can help you immeasurably. When you have a recruitment team cheering you on and providing support, this can also have a huge impact on finding your next role. We’re here to help make a difference.